Designing your dream Barn Kitchen

Designing barn kitchens can be a dream, especially with the wide variety of kitchen styles at Carmarthen Kitchens. Factors such as original features, the history of the barn and the contemporary finishes that can be completed during the renovation gives you a blank canvas to allow you to really bring your new kitchen to life. It is no wonder that barn

renovations have surged in popularity with many people who successfully complete this

project believing that the barn is the ideal location for their dream kitchens.

What sort of barn kitchen style would you choose?

It is possible to achieve a traditional kitchen style to keep in touch with any historical origins your barn may have. On the other hand, several people prefer to reinvent their barn by giving their kitchen a more modern outlook. However, should you choose a blend of a contemporary and traditional kitchen style, the clean lines of the Shaker Kitchen available in Gallery Kitchens is a good option that ensures aspects of modern and traditional kitchen features blend seamlessly. To achieve a complete contrast, why not try flat contemporary units alongside old-barn features.

The ceiling of the room should be as high as possible to achieve a more open plan living

space. This will form the main WOW of your barn kitchen.

Another feature to look at are any beams that can be found on your kitchen ceiling,

specifically if you’re going to leave them raw, apply a coat of paint to them to give them a

new life, or apply a soft limewash. Each of these three finishes create a different ‘feel’ and

atmosphere to the barn kitchen. All three finishes will look different in different properties,

the beams are the bedrock of any kitchen design, and a starting point for you as the

designer to either play with or completely create contrast with, should you choose.

If you want a contemporary kitchen, available from Carmarthen Kitchens but fear that the

ultra-modern and shiny worktops and units would date quickly. Why not choose a simple

design that includes industrial elements. The versatility of barn kitchens gives you the

freedom to be able to pick and choose.

Large bi-folding doors are a great feature that allows natural light to fill the kitchen whilst

bringing the outside in. These create a perfect space for any hot summer evening whilst also making the barn seem larger.

Several of the styles available in Gallery Kitchens look great in barn kitchens. Whatever style you decide on, you can’t go wrong!